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Your life…your style…your tea…

Consider the joy of a soothing tea by the fire after a splendid meal, the aromatic delights as you share a pot of herb, spicy or fruit flavored tea, or the relief a steaming cup waiting for you can bring after a cold winter outing. Feel like putting that kettle on yet?

Next to the delight a fresh cup of tea brings to your senses, tea has beneficial health effects too. It contains antioxidants, may reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, keeps you hydrated, increases your metabolism and is normally calorie-free. And for those of you who are trying to fight your caffeine addiction - tea has significantly less caffeine than coffee and could be a great substitute for your morning cup of coffee.

Seabels offers you a wide selection of teas from The Republic of Tea. It includes Black, Oolong, Black Blended, Green and White, Herbal and Red to Chocolate and Roiboos teas. Everybody should be able to find something that excites their senses and makes you wish it was tea time already.


When it comes to our favorites we would especially recommend Pomegranate Green Superfruit Tea, Hibiscus Superflower Tea – Coconut flavor and Ginger Peach Longevity tea.


 Your life…your style…your coffee…


The slightly acidic brewed beverage has been one of our morning treats for years now.  Whether you drink it as a habit, to keep you awake, as a social activity or just to spend some quality time with your beloved ones, coffee plays an important and special role in your life.


In order to provide you with THE best coffee you can find in Pueblo, Seabel`s offers numerous flavors of Neighbors Coffee. Made of 100% Arabica beans and imported from various parts of the world in order to satisfy your wishes, our coffee is produced to make you want to stay at home in the morning and make that cup of coffee by yourself. You might also want to invite your friends over next time for that delicious afternoon snack - a cup of freshly brewed flavorful coffee and “still a little warm” cookies. 

Regardless of the Body, Flavor, Acidity, Aroma, amount of caffeine and Country of Origin you prefer, we are positive you will find just the perfect flavor for yourself in our store. The 60 different selections we carry come from, Central America, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania and come in various flavors, such as Chocolate Hazelnut, Black Forest, Caramel Kiss, French Vanilla Almond, Macadamia Nut & Crème, Tiramisu, Peanut Butter Cup, Butter Pecan, etc.
The ones we are most proud of and are most recommended by our customers are Orange Seville, Café Pueblo, Union Avenue Blend and Snickerdoodle.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”  Marcus Aurelius

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